and here's a turntable animation :)

haven't had an update in a few days, so here's a screen cap of a tiny platform screen world i've been working on, modelled in rhino 3d :)


mfa exhibit

installation shots from my show a couple weeks ago.


the rise and fall of the rainbow robot jellyfish empire, zoomable :)

so this is a thing:

use the controls to zoom in / out, or just pan around and zoom with your mouse and scroll-wheel. also click the option for fullscreen mode. entering fullscreen mode removes the grid.

here's the link:



modelled in rhino 3D, solidscape 3D print, bronze cast.

photo courtesy of phil renato.


u.i.c.a. live coverage

here are a couple shots from the uica's live coverage this past winter.

i know these are a bit tardy, but just ran across them on my computer :)