Vert_loop from eric german on Vimeo.

new ambient loop. ideal for your second vertical display.


The Fifth Age of Bashan: Prologue from eric german on Vimeo.

4K / RAW edit! Not a repost! New music from my cousin Alex. Thanks for watching <3


a lot of you might be cooped up looking for something to do. feel free to download, print, and color my pdf coloring book below from google drive. you can of course just drop the pdfs into photoshop / illustrator if you are more like me and like doing this sort of thing on your computer.

if you have problems with the links let me know :)

CLICK HERE to download pdf coloring book pages, 1-10.

CLICK HERE download pdf coloring book pages here, 11-20.


new instagram

I've made a new account to share the new work from this winter, share new work I haven't made yet, and hopefully to connect with other artists.

instagram account